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           Buds for Boobies

In response to the alarming rate at which breast cancer rates have been increasing in recent decades, and to protest conventional treatments, a local nonprofit is raising money to fund non-toxic and safe breast cancer research and prevention education. And Oct. 25, the Boulder Theater hosted a decorative bra auction and educational symposium to benefit the cause. Cannabis For Breast Cancer Research is the first project of The Natural Medicine Initiative For Cancer Research, a nonprofit demanding that research dollars be aimed at non-toxic and safe cancer research. The group says researchers are seeing significant results with particular cannabis extracts when using in vitro and animal studies. The project aims to provide female medical marijuana patients who have varying stages of breast cancer free access to cannabis while studying its healing effects. At the Boulder Theater event, “Buds for Boobies,” attendees will learn about the efficacy of medical marijuana while enjoying live music and performance art, including an aerial performance. About 25 models adorned in decorative bras will take the stage, and 50 bras will be auctioned. The entry fee is a $15 donation; tickets may be purchased from the Boulder Theater online, at Flower Of Life Healing Arts, or at the door.


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